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Iridium Doors side sliding doors are designed with galvanized and pre-coated double walls, injected with high-density polyurethane foam. Our doors guarantee high thermal insulation levels, protection from potential violations and particularly light and noiseless operations, thanks to a continuous guide track system.

The anti-aging EPDM perimeter gasket seals, highly resistant against bad weather and UV radiations, offer excellent protection from adverse weather conditions and guarantee the tightness of the door even in the presence of strong winds. 38 – 40kg/m3 insulation (CFC-free insulation material). Mechanical components for sliding on the beam h 100mm.

Ral colours

colori ral pannelli garage 2
portone a scorrimento laterale 3
finiture pannelli garage


Iridium Doors sectional industrial doors are designed with sandwich panels in embossed pre-coated and 38 – 40 kg/m3 insulated steel sheet (CFC-free insulation material).

Counterbalancing system with springs and panel conformation developed to allow the fitting of exposed internal hinges. The panels feature fall arrester devices that activate in the case of broken cables and springs.

Lifting handle, retraction rope and internal bolt. Our panels are fully suited for motorisation and feature an anti-cable derailment safety kit (for normal or low-threshold sliding doors).

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