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Industrial doors

Functional industrial doors with style

Sectional doors, folding doors, high speed doors, loading docks: these are the typologies of products offered by Iridium, a leading company in the production of industrial doors for 17 years.

Functional, efficient, reliable, Iridium’s industrial doors offer high level performances, without underestimating aesthetic values, which have always been a key point of Iridium’s corporate philosophy.

Iridium offers highly customizable industrial door systems, in order to take full advantage of the space available and to reduce the amount of space taken up by the door; all our solutions can be installed on pre-existing buildings, thanks to the possibility of interfacing with already present technological elements. The importance of design and our attention to detail marry a high level of attention toward both active and passive safety, an essential factor for Iridium.

Iridium industrial doors with highest safety standards

All typologies of industrial doors produced by Iridium are developed to guarantee the highest safety standards for our customers. The entire range of products rigorously complies with laws (EN 13241-01-2003) in force both in Italy and in the rest of the European Union. Iridium’s industrial doors have passed all mandatory tests to obtain EC certifications and marks concerning: wind load resistance, opening safety standards, functional loads (for motorised doors), approval of electronic control and command units. In addition to all the characteristics above, which ensure the production of high-range industrial doors, Iridium has also dedicated the greatest level of attention to the maintenance cycles of its products, by creating a specific SOS – Efficiency Service division, capable of performing technical interventions on all types of industrial doors.

Portoni industriali

Sectional industrial

Portoni sezionali industriali

Folding doors

Portoni a libro industriali

High speed doors

porte rapide industriali

loading docks

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