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IRIDIUM DOORS MIRA sectional doors are the ideal solution for all types of industrial application. They open vertically, thus occupying unused spaces and leaving all work areas in their proximity free instead.

Once opened, the doors take up no space in the internal environment and guarantee maximum passage space, without any risk of collisions or accidental damage. Thanks to the many typologies of vertical sliding solutions we offer, IRIDIUM DOORS sectional doors can be installed in all cases, even on existing buildings not designed for this type of door.

The steel panels, featuring internal thermal insulation, and the perimeter gasket seals ensure the highest thermal and acoustic insulation levels, and offer a combination of strong door resistance and light and silent operation.

Each door can feature various types of accessories, such as pedestrian doorsets, trasnparent portholes, safety locks, etc.

Our panels are available in colours that can be customized to match the building’s aesthetic look. IRIDIUM DOORS sectional doors can be either manual or motorised.

Ral colors

portone sezionale industriale mira
portone sezionale industriale mira interno
pannelli portone sezionale industriale mira


Iridium Doors sectional industrial doors are designed with sandwich panels in embossed pre-coated and 38 – 40 kg/m3 insulated steel sheet (CFC-free insulation material).

Counterbalancing system with springs and panel conformation developed to allow the fitting of exposed internal hinges. The panels feature fall arrester devices that activate in the case of broken cables and springs.

Lifting handle, retraction rope and internal bolt. Our panels are fully suited for motorisation and feature an anti-cable derailment safety kit (for normal or low-threshold sliding doors).

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