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Sectional doors

This type of door allows to make the best possible use of available space, in light of its reduced bulk.

The opening and closing systems of our sectional doors feature a vertical sliding system which allows the door to completely disappear from sight when opened, without extruding from the profile of the façade where it is installed. These doors are particularly light and noiseless and guarantee high thermal insulation levels and protection against potential violations.

All our sectional doors feature devices that guarantee maximum safety standards, supported by motorisation solutions and accessories which allow our products to stand out in terms of reliability, functionality and comfort levels.

Our sectional doors are designed for high performances and to be aesthetically refined, and are ideal both for residential contexts – our garage and commercial activity doors guarantee excellent luminosity and ventilation levels, as required by currently effective laws – and in industrial environments: Iridium doors are the optimal solution for all applications in this sector.

Residential sectional doors
Industrial sectional doors


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