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Manutenzione, riparazione e assistenza per portoni

Maintenance, repairs and customer support for doors, automatized gates, bollards, barriers.

The preservation of the efficiency of doors, obtained by performing periodic maintenance cycles, prevents the risk of faults or malfunctions. This will avoid minor damage causing system stops, which can in turn cause significant inconveniences.

A correct maintenance of doors, in addition to allowing customers to save significant amounts of time and money, is the unavoidable condition for guaranteeing safety in work places, as defined by Legislative Decree 81/2008. This Decree establishes that at least two maintenance cycles must be performed each year in public and industrial contexts.

In order to provide an ever more complete and satisfying service, Iridium has set up a highly qualified internal technical division, capable of performing maintenance cycles and promptly providing repairs and customer support.

The technicians working in this division, thanks to immediate availability of all necessary spare parts, can perform interventions on all types of automatic doors, whether produced by our company or by other firms.

In addition to PVC high-speed doors, folding doors, sectional doors and loading bays, our technicians can also intervene on automatized gates, traffic bollards, automatized barriers, chain barriers and all models and brands of automatized doors.

Maintenance, repairs and customer for:

Garage doors

  • Rolling shutters
  • Tilting doors
  • Sectional doors

High-speed doors

  • Fold-up doors
  • Self-healing doors

Folding doors

  • Safety-curtain sliding doors
  • sliding doors

Loading docks

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