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Sectional industrial doors

Sectional industrial doors make the very best use of available space

Iridium sectional industrial doors are the ideal solution for all types of industrial application.

Thanks to the various sliding solutions we offer, fully customizable based on to the customer’s needs, our sectional industrial doors allow for the best use of available space, for reducing the space taken up by the doors to the minimum and for interfacing with pre-existent systems. The functionality and reliability of the internal structure of our sectional industrial doors combine with a vast range of panels and finishes to generate an infinite number of aesthetic variations.

All our panels for sectional industrial doors are developed with a pre-painted galvanized steel double wall, filled with polyurethane foam; this ensures excellent thermal insulation, a high level of protection against possible violations and particularly light and silent operation standards.

The perimeter gasket seals, developed in anti-aging EPDM, highly resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation, offer excellent protection against bad weather and ensure the watertightness of the sectional doors even in adverse climatic conditions.

All Iridium sectional industrial doors feature fall arrester devices against the breaking of cables and springs, in order to guarantee the highest possible active and passive safety levels. Our vast range of accessories and engines complete the system and ensure high reliability, functionality and comfort standards.

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Portoni sezionali industriali

Sectional industrial door models available

Sezionali industriali Mira


IRIDIUM DOORS MIRA sectional doors are the ideal solution for all types of industrial application. They open vertically, thus occupying unused spaces and leaving all work areas in their proximity free instead.

Once opened, the doors take up no space in the internal environment and guarantee maximum passage space, without any risk of collisions or accidental damage. Thanks to the many typologies of vertical sliding solutions we offer, IRIDIUM DOORS sectional doors can be installed in all cases, even on existing buildings not designed for this type of door.

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IRIDIUM DOORS ALCOR sectional doors are the ever-open doorway to your enterprise. Elegant and functional, they offer excellent transparency and brightness levels, without sacrificing thermal and acoustic insulation.

Developed with special aluminium profiles, specifically designed and produced for sectional doors by IRIDIUM DOORS, these doors are capable of meeting all the safety and functionality requisites an industrial door must necessarily feature.

Available with various types of transparent panoramic curtain walls in LEXAN/Methacrylate, these doors can also be installed in blind sections or sections featuring ventilation grids.

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Sezionali industriali alcor


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